You wouldn't put a baroque gilt frame around a piece of modern art before hanging it on your wall.... and the images and movies on your computer don't need frames either. Window borders take up precious real-estate, and decrease the amount of space available to display your media.

Highbrow puts your photographs and movies front and center, and tosses window borders out with the trash.

Even the menu bar can be hidden if you want.  It's still there when you need it, and click in the menu bar area, but otherwise it also gets out of the way.



Highbrow also plays movies !

  • As of version 1.5, Highbrow displays movies as well as images.

  • View movies and images together in the same minimalist window.

  • Open a folder full of movies in a single window, and play them back-to-back for a movie marathon or to binge-watch your favorite TV show

  • Movie formats supported: MP4, MPG, MOV and 3GP.  We don't know when, or if, we will support an expanded list of formats.


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